2018 Art Music Fund Application Form

This form is for use by composers seeking to submit an application for the 2018 Art Music Fund.
Please consult the Guidelines and How to Apply documents before completing your application.

You will have the opportunity to save the progress of your application at any time using the Save Progress button at the bottom of this form. On doing so, you will be emailed a link which will enable you to continue to edit and update your application as required. When you are satisfied that your application is ready and completed, you must click the Submit Application button at the bottom of this form. Once submitted, you will not be able to change any details on the application form.

Eligibility Criteria:
- You must be a member of APRA AMCOS
- You may be a composer of one application per funding round only
- You must be a member of the Australian Music Centre (Australian composers only)

1. Your Details (Primary Contact Composer)

Applicants must be a member of APRA AMCOS and the Australian Music Centre (Australian composers only).
If you are unsure of your membership number(s), please contact APRA or contact the AMC for assistance.

2. Statistical Information

The following information will be used for statistical purposes only and will have no bearing on your application to the APRA AMCOS Art Music Fund.

- -

New Zealand
Other, please specify:

No, English only
Yes, please specify:

Yes, Aboriginal
Yes, Torres Strait Islander
Yes, New Zealand Maori

3. Additional Composer(s)

List any additional composers who will be commissioned by the Art Music Fund as a part of this application.

These composers must also be members of APRA AMCOS and the Australian Music Centre.

4. Application Details

Project Summary
Please summarise your project in one or two sentences.

Total Funding Requested ($AUD)
You will submit your detailed budget in your Support Materials below.

Artistic Practice
The Art Music Fund exists to commission new work that is innovative, displays professional compositional craft and represents a benchmark of excellence in its field.
Explain how your arts practice aligns with the qualities identified in the Art Music Fund: (innovation, compositional craft, and excellence) (maximum 300 words)

Project Overview
Provide an overview of your proposed project (maximum 500 words)

Collaborative Partner(s)
List each partner collaborating on the project, including contact details and their role in the project (maximum 300 words)

Work(s) to be Commissioned
Outline the work(s), scope and rationale (maximum 300 words)

Life and Reach of Work(s)
Detail the means by which the Work(s) will be presented and exposed (maximum 500 words). Include all aspects relevant to your plan such as:
- Live Performances
- Recordings
- Broadcasts
- Digital Dissemination
- Other
Wherever possible, provide details on the anticipated reach of the exposure. Note the aspects of the plan that are confirmed and those where written support is supplied with this application.

Promotion of Art Music Fund
Successful Art Music Fund applicants will be required to acknowledge the Art Music Fund when promoting the funded work in the future. Digital assets such as logos, online banners or website content will be provided by APRA AMCOS. Please note below what promotional opportunities you can offer the Art Music Fund. (maximum 300 words).

5. Support Material

Applicants are required to upload the following support materials.
Product Budgets must be completed using the Art Music Fund Budget template file.

You may only upload one Project Schedule and one Project Budget file. Attempting to upload multiple files for these categories of support material will overwrite any previous files. You may upload multiple Recording, Biography and Letter of Support files.

  • Project Schedule
    A plan identifying project milestones and indicating when each aspect of the project will be commenced and completed. Note that eligible projects must be completed within a five-year time-frame.
  • Project Budget
    While it is understood that most or all of the funds granted by the Art Music Fund will become the work's commission fee for the benefit of the composer(s), outline here if there are other costs you anticipate covering with the fund revenue (and the applicable amounts). If your project has attracted funds from other sources - or if you have applied for additional funding - detail these amounts here.
  • Recordings
    In support of the application, attach sample recordings of no more than three works (no longer than a combined total of 10 minutes in duration). Scores will not be accepted.
  • Composer Biography(s)
    Maximum one page per composer
  • Letter(s) of Support
    Clearly demonstrating the support and commitment of all parties to the proposal (optional, as required)

Category File Name Upload Date  

6. Save Progress

You have the option to choose to save the progress of your application at any time by clicking the button below.
You will be emailed with a link allowing you to return and continue to progress your application.

7. Application Submission

Once you are satisfied that your application is complete, click the Submit Application button below. You will not be able to make further changes to your application.

Your application MUST be submitted by 5pm Tuesday the 20th of February 2018. Late entries will not be accepted.

For any enquiries, please contact APRA AMCOS Writer Services on 1800 642 634 or Art Music Specialist Cameron Lam at clam@apra.com.au.

  I have read the Guidelines and am ready to submit my application

About the Art Music Fund

In recognition of the limited opportunities for art music composers to have their works performed, APRA AMCOS has initiated the Art Music Fund. The Art Music Fund will provide funding to composers to create commissioned work that is complemented by an exploitation program - designed to maximise the life of the work.

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