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Beethoven Pastoral Project

General Opportunity

Beethoven Pastoral Project

  • Deadline date: 5 Jun 2020
  • Date held: April 22nd or June 5th, 2020
  • Location: International


Further Details

Orchestras and musicians of all disciplines, performance artists, filmmakers or environmental activists are all called upon to make the relationship between mankind and nature come alive - using Beethoven's masterpiece, the ‘Pastoral’, as an inspiration. All participating artists will create ‘their Pastoral’, determining for themselves the framework of the performance. The symphony can be performed as a single work, in parts, or in combination with other works - for example with a premiere of a new work; it can be played small or large; or it can be connected with an exhibition, a lecture or a panel discussion on questions of environmental protection and climate change. Motifs from the ‘Pastoral’ can be improvised or arranged to create a new work. The focus may lie either in the musical context or in the context of nature. It is up to the participants to decide how to deal creatively with these themes according to their vision.

There are only two essential requirements for participation in the BEETHOVEN PASTORAL PROJECT: First the engagement with the ‘Pastoral’ as described; and second a personal statement regarding the preservation of nature. Each participant should make clear why sustainable development, environmental awareness and a commitment to the aims of the Paris Climate Agreement are important to them, or formulate a vision of a life in harmony with nature.


PASTORAL NETWORK - 2018 - 2020:

All participants are called upon to contribute to the network by making their engagement with the project content available for the public to witness by visually documenting it and uploading this video to the homepage of the project together with a corresponding statement. Participation is not limited to orchestras: musical performances and arrangements of all kinds are possible, for example small groups, jazz ensembles, pop/rock combinations or electronic artists. Contributions focusing on the theme of nature and the music of Beethoven are welcome; for example, lyrics, lectures, panel discussions, dance, photography or film. The network will be established over a two-year period: between the UN World Environment Days on 5 June 2018 and 5 June 2020.


Make your Pastoral Day - on EARTH DAY, 22 April 2020 (50th anniversary of Earth Day), or WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY of the United Nations, 5 June 2020 (which marks the culmination of the Project).

These dates will generate the greatest worldwide attention and impact: As many artists as possible - singly, as ensembles or bands, or as orchestras - will perform Beethoven's Sixth Symphony (or pieces related to it or inspired by it) and thus demonstrate their commitment to nature, sustainability and environmental protection. Participants will themselves select their venues and the staging of the performances.

Make your individual Pastoral Day! If a performance on April 22nd or June 5th does not fit with your plans, your performance can also take place on any day before 5 June 2020 and supplement the Network (see above).

All performances should be recorded (video and audio) and uploaded to the homepage of the Project along with a corresponding statement from the performers. These performances complete the PASTORAL NETWORK.

The participants are free to choose one phase (NETWORK or DAY) or both. Registration for the BEETHOVEN PASTORAL PROJECT is possible since its formal launch at the World Climate Conference (COP 23) on November 15th 2017 in Bonn. All of the individual Pastoral events will be presented under the banner of the BEETHOVEN PASTORAL PROJECT, in order to spread the idea and spirit of the project. After their account has been activated, participants and their profiles will be publicly viewable. This is the first step in making a commitment to the content and Network.

The BEETHOVEN PASTORAL PROJECT will be documented by DW (Deutsche Welle), who will feature the exceptional and especially creative contributions in a unique film project.

Website: https://www.beethoven-pastoral-project.com/

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