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Artist Representation

Apply for artist representation to have your works and profile included in the Australian Music Centre catalogue.

About Artist Representation

Artists must be represented by AMC and have a financial AMC membership to have an AMC profile, have information about their works documented, and submit materials such as scores, parts and recordings to the catalogue.

The AMC has 2 categories of artist representation: Associate Representation and Full Representation.

Associate Representation is offered through application. Works by Associate Artists must be eligible (under section 1.3 in the AMC Artist Representation Policy) to be documented in the AMC catalogue.

Full Representation is offered by period review of all AMC Associate Artists. All works by artists with Full Representation are eligible to be documented in the AMC catalogue.

Read the full AMC Artist Representation Policy (PDF)


The Australian Music Centre (AMC) supports a wide range of artists creating work in genres such as art music, contemporary classical, jazz, improvisation, screen, experimental, multimedia, dramatic, installation, and sound art. We support artists working in an educational context, whose work is recognised as having widespread utility in pedagogy.

We recognise that music is a dynamic and ever evolving artform. We embrace this and continue to adapt as it transforms and expands.

We house and curate the most comprehensive catalogue of Australian music - a living collection of scores, recordings, research papers, teaching kits, classroom materials and aggregated media. The work itself is at the core of how we catalogue, enabling us to house information not only about score-based music, but music that extends and questions current practices.

Benefits of representation with AMC

  • Access to our artist portal to update your profile and submit materials
  • Documentation of works by you in the collection (for Associate Artists, these works must meet at least one of the eligibility criteria listed in 1.3 Eligibility Criteria in the AMC Artist Representation Policy)
  • Access to the our in-house  publishing services to facilitate the retail sale of unpublished works as physical and digital scores, performance parts, electronics parts, and digital audio (up to 20 new or revised score/parts submissions per year)
  • Access to the our Hire of Parts service to facilitate the use of performance parts of large-scale unpublished works
  • Documentation of published works
  • Online biography and photo featured on our website
  • Inclusion of works and associated materials in our physical and digital library collections
  • Royalties from the sale and hire of their materials. See our Royalty Policy for more information.

AMC represented artists retain full copyright of their works. Our licence to reproduce and document works is non-exclusive, which means artists with publishers or looking to sign on with a publisher can still have representation with AMC.

For composers of notated music

We produce and distribute your scores and performance parts for sale, both in digital and physical format. For large scale works, we make and facilitate the hire of parts for large ensembles. Scores are added to our digital library – as secure way for AMC members to browse watermarked scores on our website.

For creators of installations, multimedia works, and sound art

We document the work and any public presentations of it. Documentation can be written descriptions, videos, links to analysis, and recordings.

For improvisers, creators of text-based scores and jazz artists

We document improvisation-based works, as well as recordings and performances of those works. We can produce and distribute lead sheets or graphic/text-based scores, both in digital and physical format.

For composers who use electronics

We facilitate the sale of pre-recorded or electronic parts needed for performance in a variety of formats.

For composers of screen and game music

We document information about screen works and document recordings available of them. We can also produce and distribute your scores and performance parts available for sale, both in digital and physical format. These scores can be in cue formats as well as performance arrangements.

Application Process

Associate Representation status is offered to all applicants who are able to establish that they have produced four original works which each meet two of the eligibility criteria listed in the AMC Artist Representation Policy. Arrangements are not accepted as part of the application. Collaborative works are accepted.

Applicants must provide evidence to establish their works meet the nominated eligibility criteria. Evidence may include (but is not limited to) letters from the people/ensembles/organisations involved, programmes that clearly name the work and applicant, media articles/press releases/announcements that name the work and applicant.

Applications are assessed twice a year. The cut off dates for each assessment period are 30 May and 30 November each year. All applicants are notified of the outcome 4-6 weeks after the round end dates.

Apply for Associate Artist representation

For more information

We’d love to chat to you about artist representation at AMC. If you have any questions, please contact our Representation Coordinator, Jane Aubourg.