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Hatched Open Mic


Hatched Open Mic

  • Date: Saturday, 7 July 2018, 5pm
  • Venue: 107 Projects — 107 Redfern St, Sydney, NSW
  • Tickets: Adults (single show): $15 | Adults (3 shows): $30 — Tickets can be purchased online or by phone on 0421 238 636

Event Details

For Hatched Open Mic 2018 we have chosen a bunch of awesome emerging Sydney artists who we think you need to know about. Come along to 107 Projects on July 7 to experience Freya Schack-Arnott and friends, Sho Prince Henry Liang in partnership with flute genius Naomi Johnson, and a crazy improvisatory set from Ensemble Onsombl.

The theme of blurred lines of musical authorship as well as blurred lines of sound pervades all three programs. Each show shines a spotlight on the musical world we currently inhabit, where performer and composer are constantly crossing the boundaries of their traditional roles, and sounds merge and transform to create genuinely new sonic worlds.


5pm Freya Schack-Arnott (cello)
6:15pm Henry Liang (sho/flute) & Naomi Johnson (flute)
7:30pm Ensemble Onsombl


Freya Schack-Arnott (cello) & friends
with guests Georgina Oakes (clarinet – Hatched Academy Associate Artist 2018), Naom Yaffe (violin) & Jack Ward (cello)

A presentation of intimate Australian works for cello, ranging from the lyrical melodious tones of Kate Moore’s stunning works, “Whoever you are come forth” and “Broken Rosary”, to the strange and texturally expressive sounds of Liza Lim’s classic duo for cello and clarinet “Inguz” (Viking rune for ‘fertility’). Binding these works will be improvisations based on two of Alex Pozniak’s ‘Instructions for Improvisation’, highlighting the fluid creative exchange between interpreter/performer and composer and the inherent blurred lines of musical authorship.

Kate Moore – Broken Rosary for Solo cello and string accompaniment  5’5
Alex Pozniak – Instructions for Improvisation I 4′
Liza Lim – Inguz (Fertility) for cello and clarinet  6′
Alex Pozniak – Instructions for Improvisation IV  6′
Kate Moore – Whoever you are come forth for solo cello  4’5

Henry Liang (sho/flute) & Naomi Johnson (flute)
with guests Kezia Yap (electronics) & Todd Fuller (visuals)

Where does one sound become another? Join Naomi Johnson (flutes) and Henry Liang (sho/flute) for a musical degustation of sounds from near and far, familiar and daring. With a program exploring the transformation of sound and the influence of Japanese aesthetic, let this duo take your on a journey of reflection and discovery.

Henry Liang – Sho Solo 2’
Kezia Yap – a structure of silences: an exploration of mā for alto flute/live electronics 10’
Toshio Hosokawa – Bird Fragments for sho/bass flute/piccolo 6′
Henry Liang – Chasing Bushido for sho/flute/electronics/visuals 7′
Kaija Saariaho – L’aconisme de l’aile for flute and live electronics 10′
Henry & Naomi – Duo Improvisation for sho/flute/visuals 5’

Ensemble Onsombl
Featuring Naomi Dodd, Solomon Frank, Joshua Winestock, Kristina Hutchinson, Angus Davison, Will Hansen, Josephine Macken, Ensemble Onsombl will present a set of new and existing pieces where human creative agency is a considered variable in composed music. These pieces rely on improvisatory intuition and although one person can be credited with the initial concept or impetus of the works, each performer shares equal creative responsibility.

Solomon Frank – 火災報知器Prototype_AU134 for six circuit-bent Quell Q946 Smoke Alarms 6′
Angus Davison – 101 Things To Do With Cauliflower 10′
Christian Wolff – Stones 10′
Naomi Dodd – New Work 7′
Ensemble Onsombl – Improvisation 6’

Featured non-Australian music: Kaija Saariaho

Further information for this event is available online at the event's website or by phone on 0421 238 636 or by email to admin@ensembleoffspring.com

Featured Australian Works

Digital sheet music sample Broken Rosary (cello with chamber ensemble) (2010) by Kate Moore
— performed by Freya Schack-Arnott
Inguz : fertility : for clarinet in A and violoncello (1996) by Liza Lim
— performed by Georgina Oakes and Freya Schack-Arnott
Instructions for Improvisation I : chamber ensemble by Alex Pozniak
— performed by Freya Schack-Arnott
Instructions for Improvisation IV : chamber ensemble by Alex Pozniak
— performed by Freya Schack-Arnott
Whoever you are come forth : cello solo (2008) by Kate Moore
— performed by Freya Schack-Arnott
 101 Things To Do With Cauliflower by Angus Davison
 a structure of silences: an exploration of mā by Kezia Yap — World premiere
 Chasing Bushido by Henry Liang
 Sho Solo by Henry Liang
 Stones by Christian Wolff
 火災報知器Prototype_AU134 by Solomon Frank

Featured artists

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