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Copying of Parts

> Due to budget constraints this scheme has not been operating since 2011.

This scheme assists in meeting the cost of copying of parts for first performance or broadcast of Australian works. It is funded by the Music Board of the Australia Council and the Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA) and is administered by the Australian Music Centre.

Responsibility for payment of copyists

Under the copying of parts scheme, an organisation or individual enters into an agreement with a copyist for copying services. The responsibility for payment of the copyist rests with the organisation or individual, and the role of the Australian Music Centre is confined to a decision whether or not to assist the above organisation or individual through a grant towards reimbursement of copying costs, and the provision of funds provided the conditions listed on the application form (available on request) are met.

The Australian Music Centre is not obliged to fund any application, nor to reimburse the full copying costs in any instance. It must be noted that since available funds may not be sufficient to cover all applications, lodgement of an application in no way guarantees that funding will be provided.

Contractual agreements between copyists and those engaging their services

Copyists are urged to enter into a formal written contract with those engaging their services, clearly stating the services expected, the schedule for completion, and the terms, schedule and amount of payment.

Ownership of parts

Parts funded under the copying of parts scheme remain the property of the composer, as stated in Clause 8 of the Music Board's Standard Contract for the Commission of Musical Works.

Suggested rates

The following rates are provided as an indication of the level of funding possible for copying of parts applications. They may not be representative of actual fees charged by copyists.

  • $25 per hour for hand copying
  • $10 per page for computer-generated parts (where the copyist is working from a hand-written score)
  • $7 per page for computer-generated parts extracted from computer-generated full score

If you require a copyist, please contact the Music Arrangers Guild of Australia (MAGA) for contact details of accredited copyists working in your area.

How to apply

Applications must be received at the Australian Music Centre office not later than three months following upon the first performance, and must include the following:

  • a fully completed application form (see: contact), signed by both the applicant and the copyist
  • a clearly legible copy of the score
  • an excellent quality copy of the complete set of parts
  • for computer-generated scores, a digital copy of the score and parts must be provided on a disc
  • a written invoice from the copyist

Hand copying

The written invoice for hand copying should include:

  • the number of hours entailed in copying the parts
  • the rate charged per hour

Computer typesetting

The written invoice for computer typesetting should include:

  • whether the copyist worked from a hand or computer-generated score (i)
  • the computer software used (ii)
  • the number of hours entailed in the creation of parts
  • the rate charged per page
  • for parts preparation that is not adequately provided for in (i) and (ii) above, details of the work carried out justifying the level of reimbursement requested

Applications that are incomplete or late will not be considered. Applications may be made by composers, publishers, performing groups, etc. A copyist cannot apply directly.

Assistance will be considered only for the production of performance parts. Assistance is not available for fund production of the full score, piano reductions, vocal scores, proofreading or editing of parts, neither for materials, travel, photocopying, etc. The specified first performance must take place within 24 months of the application date for theatrical works (opera, ballet, music theatre) or within 12 months for all other works.

If, before copying is begun, an applicant wishes to submit a copy of the complete score, accompanied by a written quotation from the copyist, the Australian Music Centre will give an estimate of the approximate level of funding considered appropriate. This is intended to assist the applicant in reaching agreement with the copyist. Please note that this estimate may not be for the full amount requested nor the amount finally provided.

If the composer is officially represented at the Australian Music Centre, the score and set of parts will be added to the Australian Music Centre library, unless the composer or publisher requests otherwise. In this case, it is important that the Australian Music Centre is notified of any revisions to the score and/or parts following the first and subsequent performance/s.

Eligibility for Copying of Parts funding

Funds for the copying of parts scheme administered by the Australian Music Centre come from the Music Board of the Australia Council and the Australasian Performing Right Association.

Correspondingly, there are two areas in which a work may be eligible for consideration for copying of parts funding. However, works which do not meet the following criteria may be considered if available funds are not fully expended at the completion of the calendar year, so contact the Australian Music Centre to talk to someone about your work.

Application forms are available on request from the Australian Music Centre. Please note that eligibility for funding does not imply that funding will be granted or that the full amount applied for will be given.

Australia Council Music Board

Is the musical work a commission which received assistance from the Music Board? Was the work composed during a composer residency funded by the Music Board? Was the musical work composed while the composer was the recipient of a Composer Fellowship funded by the Music Board, or an Australian Creative Artists Fellowship? If your answer to any of these three questions is 'yes', then you are eligible for assistance through funds provided by the Music Board of the Australia Council. Contact the Australia Council for more information.

Australasian Performing Right Assocation (APRA)

Is the composer a member of APRA? Applications that are not eligible for funding from the Music Board, but which answered 'yes' to this question are eligible for assistance through funds provided by the Australiasian Performing Right Association, but only if the work is not one of the following: an arrangement, transcription or orchestration of existing work, unaccompanied choral work, preparation of vocal score or piano reduction. APRA funds are allocated every three months to eligible applicants on a pro rata basis. To find out about becoming a member of APRA, visit their website.


Please contact the Australian Music Centre directly for an application form (email: ) and for more information about the copying of parts scheme. All submissions must include a completed application form, the copyist’s invoice, and a copy of the score and parts.