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Noel Dervieux (1921-2003) : Associate Artist

Born Lyon, Rhone, France, 3rd January, 1921.

The composer writes:

Tertiary education, Paris 1938-39 musical training 2 years at the Ecole Normale de Musique (Paris). War and emotional stress disrupted studies.

Performed as Pianist in restaurants and bars in Paris, dinner and dance music. Wrote some arrangements and orchestrations for P. Speers of the radio national, and a number of compositions, which were devoured by termites, while in storage under a house, in a Sydney suburb... resulting in "deep despair"... After touring with and without small combo for 3 long years in middle east, I had the opportunity to migrate to Australia 1952 - played solo and with trio for 6 months, but the music scene wasn't what I had hoped it would be, and did not suit me, so I earned a living doing... whatever, including 22 years at Bushells (tea) as a (successful) salesman... music put on the back burner for that time.

Having retired in 1987, I acquired the digital technology necessary to produce professional looking scores of "some" of my compositions. My aim is "to give off myself" to anyone "interested", what I received from providence, in the form of a gift for improvisation, which reflects the mood of the moment, scenes (real or imagined), memories, feelings etc. which cannot be expressed in "human language"... (words).

To make the music easier to "understand", there are "written comments". suggesting what inspired "each particular piece".

Acquiring the technology turned out to be "very expensive"... Learning to operate that technology has taken a lot of "hard concentration" work, I sincerely hope that "those inquisitive enough" to investigate this music, will be rewarded by what "it" will bring to their own "perception", and induce into them the desire to bring out its deepest meaning, through the sensitivity and strength of their interpretation, thus communicating to "others", what boiled inside of me and caused this music to be born... well beyond "THE NOTES"...

I do believe that "those who will give it their best", will be amply compensated for their effort, by the response they will get from their audience... and the success they will have for daring to pioneer a music without a "big name-tag"... Music "from the heart", created -"to get to the heart"-... written in a prose accessible to the vast majority of audiences.

May this be my reward for using MUSIC as the ultimate language to express myself, so lending my voice to "the many others", who may not have the facility.