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Help - Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need help using our website? Find answers to our most common questions below.

Logging into the AMC

What is an online account & why do I need one?

An Australian Music Centre online account facilitates your activities through the website. It doesn’t obligate you to purchase anything, or become a member of the AMC. If you are a member and are logged into your account, you will be able to access special areas and services through the website.

  • Customers (purchase of CDs, scores, kits, books or MP3s): your online account will speed up your ordering process and, if you are a full current member, automatically gives you a 10% discount.
  • Commentators and observers: your online account lets you participate in discussions, comment on articles, and review works, products and calendar events.
How do I create an online account?

Simply complete the form on the AMC website. If you are a current member or represented artist, it is important that you use the email address you joined with so that your account will be automatically linked to your membership. If you use more than one email address, please check with us to see which one we have recorded as your ‘primary’ email address in our system.

Where do I log in?

The AMC website should recognise you if you have an online account and have logged in from the same computer. Click the login link in the centre of the home page and enter your password.

Login access is also available at the top of your page within the site.

If you can’t see the login bar, go to https://www.australianmusiccentre.com.au/myaccount/login to log in.

What do I do if I’ve forgotten my password?

If you have forgotten your password, there is an option to reset it when you login. A temporary password will be sent to your email address, along with instructions to create a new, memorable password. To keep your information secure, AMC staff don’t have access to any password data.

What do I do if I change my email address?

If you change your email address, please of your new details and we will take you through the process of setting up a new online account linked to the correct email address.

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Using the digital library

How do I access scores from the digital library?

To download scores from the digital library, you need to be a current member and logged in using your online account.

I can’t access a work in the digital library.

Make sure you are logged in using the online account linked to your current membership. If you are logged in, the top of your page will say “Hello [Your Name]” or give you the option to login if you need to do so.

You need to be on the web page for the sheet music (score) of the work in order to access it in the digital library. If you are on the main page of the work, click on the link for the sheet music (score) and you will be able to borrow it from this page if it is available.

How do I know if a score is available in the digital library?

For items available in the digital library, you will see digital library – view full score online, in the pale green box at the top of the page. If you can’t see this, make sure you are on the web page for the sheet music of the work. If you are a current member and logged in using your online account you will be able to download your perusal loan.

How do I find works in the digital library?

You can browse the entire collection of the digital library online or, while searching, you can refine your search to only include digital library items. In the search options on the left hand side of your page, click Library Availability and select to filter by Available to Download.

What if something I want isn’t in the digital library?

If the work is not in the digital library, you will be able to request it through the web page. Click on the link in the message “This item is not yet in our digital library, however as a member you may place an online request and it will typically be available within 2 business days”.

If the score can be included in the digital library, AMC staff will process it and inform you by email when it is available. Generally we are not able to include published or out of print works in the digital library for copyright reasons. If a score can not be added to the digital ibrary, AMC staff will send you an email to let you know.

Can I print sheet music downloaded from the digital library?

Yes. Printed music includes watermarks identifying the sheet music as a perusal-only copy which may no longer be used after the loan period. Any printed copies must be destroyed or discarded after the three-week loan period; retaining any such copies is illegal.

Can I use sheet music downloaded from the digital library for performance?

No. Music accessed through the digital library is for perusal/research purposes only and may not be used for public performance or for performance in an examination, competition or any other such occasion. This is also the case with sheet music borrowed as hard copy from our library collection.

You must purchase a copy of any sheet music you wish to perform and may be required to obtain a licence from APRA.

Where can I find more information about the digital library?

More information on digital loans, file formats and copyright can be found on the AMC website.

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Using the Australian Music Centre library

Can I still borrow physical items from the library?

Yes – if you are an Australian resident, loans are issued by post. Members in Sydney can also arrange to collect loans in person. Bookings need to be made in advance to visit the library in person.

Members of the Australian Music Centre may place loan requests by at the AMC Library or by contacting us by phone. Please include the shelf numbers (e.g. 'Q 788.32/EDW 1', 'CD 248') of the items you want to borrow in your request.

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Do I automatically get eNews if I have an online account?

You will only receive a copy of our monthly eNews if you are a current member, or elected to receive eNews when you created your online account.

If you would like to receive eNews, you can sign up online to receive monthly updates on Australian Music.

Why am I not receiving my copy of eNews?

If you aren’t receiving your copy of eNews, it is most likely your spam filter is sending it to your “spam” or “junk mail” folder – especially if you are using public webmail addresses such as Hotmail or Yahoo. To prevent this, add to your safe senders list.

If you are unable to find eNews in your “spam” or “junk mail” folder, please with your full name and we will follow up your subscription.

I no longer want to get eNews – how do I unsubscribe?

Simply click the 'unsubsribe' link at the bottom of the eNews. You can also and we will remove you from our mailing list.

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Australian Music Calendar

Can I add my event to the AMC events calendar?

The Australian Music Calendar welcomes submissions of upcoming events featuring music by one or more Australian composers, sound artists or improvisers.

You can submit details of your event directly on the AMC website. Once submitted, your event will be reviewed by AMC staff before appearing online.

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Shopping on australianmusiccentre.com.au

Is everything available to purchase in the AMC catalogue?

A large proportion of our catalogue is available for sale through the AMC website. If an item is available for sale you will see a price and a button where you can “Add to cart”.

For any products the AMC doesn’t sell, we try, where possible, to include publishing details on the website to make it easier for you to find where to purchase the item. These products are indicated as “$POA”.

If you need more help finding a product that is featured in the AMC catalogue, please .

What if an item says it is “out of print”?

Unfortunately we are not able to assist with locating or purchasing items that are out of print. If the publisher is listed you may like to contact them in case they know of any remaining copies or you could contact second hand music specialists that may have second hand copies available.

While we are very active in keeping our catalogue up to date, items may come back into print that we are not aware of. If you do know of an item that we have listed incorrectly, we would love to so we can help others who may be looking.

How much is shipping?

Shipping costs can vary depending on a number of circumstances and will be calculated when you finish your order and “Proceed to checkout”. You will be able to get a rough idea of shipping costs if you click on “Shipping info” on the product page.

Can I pick up my order from the AMC in Ultimo, Sydney?

If your item is available from our shop, you will be given the option to pick it up in person during your checkout process. If you elect to pick up your purchase, we will notify you by email as soon as it is ready to pick up.

Why does my order need multiple shipments?

The AMC stocks very few items at our premises and so many products will be sent directly to you from the supplier. If you are notified at the e-checkout that you need multiple shipments, then you will be receiving products directly from different suppliers. This is similar to the way many online retailers work and means we can offer you a broader selection of products, which you can find all in one place.

If you are notified that you will have multiple shipments, you will receive some items separately and they may arrive at different times, depending on when each is sent by the individual supplier.

How long will my order take to arrive?

As we work with a number of suppliers for our products and make some of our items to order (especially scores and performance parts), items may be shipped anywhere from 2-8 business days after ordering. You will be able to see estimated shipping times on each product page. Delivery times after shipping will depend on your chosen delivery method and location.

Delivery times are additional to shipping times, and will depend on your chosen delivery method (i.e. express or regular post services where applicable) and your location. If your parcel has a tracking number, this number will be emailed to you and you will be able to monitor your parcel’s journey on the Australia Post website.

For rush orders and expedited shipping or courier delivery, please contact our sales department directly to place your order. Express service fees may apply.

When will I receive my tracking number?

If your parcel has a tracking number, it will be emailed to you on the day that your parcel is posted.

My tracking number doesn’t work, what should I do?

Please allow 24 hours for your order to appear on the Australia Post tracking website – Australia Post tracking numbers only work once the parcel has been scanned by Australia Post staff. Your parcel might still be in transit from the AMC to the Australia Post depot. If your tracking number doesn’t work after 24 hours, please .

My parcel still hasn’t arrived, what should I do?

Please read through the above FAQ regarding shipping and delivery times. And if you selected a mailing service with tracking, use your tracking number to trace your parcel on the Australia Post website.

Before contacting the AMC, we suggest contacting your local post office to check if the parcel is awaiting pick up. Orders larger than A4 size don’t fit in a standard size mailbox; it’s common for Australia Post to take parcels to a nearby post office for personal collection. You can read more about this Australia Post service here.

If you have checked at your local post office and it has been more than 10 days since you received you shipping notification, please .

I’ve ordered the wrong thing – can I return it?

You may be able to return items in some circumstances. You can find the full AMC returns policy on our website.

Please note that many of our items – particularly scores or sheet music – are made to order. If you feel that you have ordered something incorrectly, please contact us as soon as possible on 1300 651 834 (toll free) or by . The earlier you contact us, the more we may be able to help you.

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Searching australianmusiccentre.com.au

What’s the best way to start my search?

The AMC site has many different ways to start searching for Australian Music. Through our Introductions to Australian Music you can gain some insight into different facets of the musical landscape, including a chronological overview, themes and influences, and specific instruments or ensembles.

You could browse represented artists, search by instrument with the repertoire navigator, or search through our subject navigator for particular themes, influences or styles.

We also have dedicated pathways for teachers and students.

I’m looking for a specific work or composer

Our search bar will help you find a specific work or composer. You could also browse our list of represented artists to link directly through to their biography page.

I’m looking for work for specific instruments

You can browse by instrument or ensemble type or search our repertoire navigator.

I’m looking for a specific subject, theme or style

You could start by looking at our Introductions to Australian music and browse by themes and influences or search our subject navigator.

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Artist representation

I’m interested in becoming a represented artist with the AMC – what do I do?

There is an application process for any artists interesting in being represented by the AMC. For full details, including eligibility criteria, please see the AMC website.

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Privacy and communication

What happens to any personal details I provide to the AMC?

We are strongly committed to protecting your privacy while you connect with the Australian Music Centre Online. Information is collected from you primarily to make it easier and more rewarding for you to use our services. For full information on our privacy policy, please see details on the AMC website.

I don’t want to receive any more communications from the AMC – what do I do?

Simply requesting to be removed from our mailing list. Please be aware that this may prevent you from receiving our monthly eNews or reminders about updating your membership with the AMC. If you have any questions or concerns about any communications from the AMC, please don’t hesitate to or call on 1300 651 834 (toll free).

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Other questions?

If your question still isn’t answered here, please directly.