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18 December 2009

Australian music on ABC Classic FM in January 2010

Australian music on ABC Classic FM in January 2010

It's a big Australian music summer in January on ABC Classic FM, with opportunities to revisit a wide range of Australian music programs. The menu includes several In Performance and Saturday Session recordings as well as the second chance to catch Andrew McLennan's fascinating four-part feature series on the mercurial David Ahern, and six programs of special live music events from the past year on New Music Up Late.

On the web, catch the remainder of our podcast series from MODART09 with recordings of nine new vocal works for the Song Company along with talk from the nine emerging composers about their works and the workshop process. And then there are the latest additions to classic/amp.

New Music Up Late

With Julian Day

Friday 1 January - After Ahern… the rise and fall of an innovator (Part 1)
Tonight we begin our month-long focus on the music of composer, experimenter and improviser David Ahern, revisiting veteran ABC producer Andrew McLennan's feature series, Down For The Count: Episodes in the Musical Life of David Ahern, alongside music by contemporary artists whose work resonates with his legacy. Producer & presenter: Andrew McLennan; sound engineer: Philip Ulman

Sat 2 January - Re-LIVE 1: The Sculthorpe Songbook
Throughout this month, we revisit New Music Up Late live events from the past year, beginning with The Sculthorpe Songbook, a unique contemporary cross-genre collaboration that re-imagined the music of Peter Sculthorpe. The artists are: Simon Barker, drums; William Barton, didjeridu; Timothy Constable, voice; Carl Dewhurst, electric guitar; Brett Hirst, double-bass; Christopher Latham, violin; Matt McMahon, keyboards; Bob Scott, electronics; Phil Slater, trumpet; James Wannan, viola; Kristian Winther, violin.
Incl. Peter Sculthorpe arr. Phil Slater & Ensemble - Singing Sun; Sculthorpe arr. Slater - From Nourlangie; Sculthorpe arr. Matt McMahon - Piano Concerto: 'Calmo'; Sculthorpe arr. Slater & Ensemble - Maranoa Lullaby; Sculthorpe arr. Slater - music from Kakadu & Djilile/Music for Japan; Lotring arr. Sculthorpe arr. Slater & Ensemble - I Pemungkah; Sculthorpe arr. Matt McMahon - Love 200: It'll Rise Again; Sculthorpe arr. Phil Slater - Bone Epilogue
First broadcast live from The Street Theatre at the 2009 Canberra International Music Festival. Sound engineer: Andrew Dixon; producers: Ralph Lane & Alice Keith

Friday 8 January 09 - After Ahern… the rise and fall of an innovator (Part 2)
Producer & presenter: Andrew McLennan; sound engineer: Philip Ulman

Sat 9 January - Re-LIVE 2: Margaret Leng Tan
Tonight we revisit a concert by the remarkable Margaret Leng Tan in a two-part program: Toy Piano Plus followed by George Crumb's Makrokosmos II: 12 Fantasy-Pieces After the Zodiac for Amplified Piano, performed in celebration of this innovative composer's 80th birthday. The program includes: Erik Griswold's Old MacDonald's Yellow Submarine (Australian premiere)
First broadcast live from the South Melbourne Town Hall as part of ANAM's Piano Festival. Sound engineers: Jim Atkins & Russell Thomson; producer: Duncan Yardley

Friday 15 January 09 - After Ahern… the rise and fall of an innovator (Part 3)
Producer & presenter: Andrew McLennan; sound engineer: Philip Ulman

Sat 16 January - Re-LIVE 3: Splinter Orchestra
This week we revisit the unique Splinter Orchestra, a large-scale ensemble of improvising musicians who performed for us live with an array of percussion winds, strings, home-built instruments, keyboards and laptops.
First broadcast live from the Eugene Goossens Hall, ABC Ultimo Centre, Sydney. Sound engineer: Yossi Gabbay; producers: Ralph Lane and Stephen Adams

Friday 22 January 09 - After Ahern… the rise and fall of an innovator (Part 4)
Producer & presenter: Andrew McLennan; sound engineer: Philip Ulman

Sat 23 January - Re-LIVE 4: ELISION
Tonight we revisit a studio concert of the ELISION ensemble performing new works from younger Australians Robert Dahm and ensemble member Benjamin Marks, alongside Australian premieres of recent works from long-time ELISION associate Liza Lim and from new and old international friends Michael Finnissy, Richard Barrett, Jeroen Speak and Evan Johnson.
Incl. Liza Lim - The Wild Winged One; Benjamin Marks - Perdix (world premiere); Liza Lim - Philtre (world premiere of hardanger fiddle version); Robert Dahm - the flesh is the grammar (world premiere)
Recorded live at Iwaki Auditorium, ABC Studios, Melbourne. Sound engineer: Jim Atkins; producer: Stephen Adams

Friday 29 January 09 - Electrofringe 2009
Tonight we revisit the many sounds on offer at last year's Electrofringe festival, part of This Is Not Art held in Newcastle, NSW, including a live set from sound artist Tom Hall and live and pre-recorded interviews and coverage of festival sound installations.
Incl. Christian Haines - I Am Sitting In A Nasty Reverb; Fire Talk With Me: 'Fire'; Tom Hall - improvisation
First broadcast live from the ABC's Newcastle Studios. Produced and engineered by Stephen Adams and Julian Day

Sat 30 January - Re-LIVE 5: Totally Huge
This week we revisit Perth's Totally Huge New Music Festival. This live broadcast included contemporary classical music from Ensemble Offspring, electronic soundscapes from Pimmon, live sound art from the Artefact Collective, ruined piano-playing legend Ross Bolleter, and new young electroacoustic chamber ensemble Decibel from Perth's Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA). The program includes: James Cuddeford/Claire Edwardes/Paul Gough/Jason Noble - improvisation; Ross Bolleter - For Tony; Camilla Hannan & Eamon Sprod (AKA Tarab) - improvisation; Thembi Soddell - improvisation
First broadcast live from the ABC's Perth Studios. Sound engineers: Karl Akers, Gavin Fernie; producer: Stephen Adams

In Performance

Monday 11 January 8.00pm - Australian Festival of Chamber Music, Townsville
Paul Dean, clarinet; Dimity Hall, violin; Piers Lane, piano; Sayo Lipman, harp; Sebastian Lipman, harp; Irina Morozova, viola; Dene Olding, violin; Julian Smiles, cello.
Incl. Andrew Ford - Oma kodu
Producer: Haig Burnell; engineer: Jim Ussher

Saturday 16 January 8.00pm - AYO National Music Camp live broadcast
Lutz Koehler, conductor; Howard Penny, cello/director; Lawrence Renes, conductor; Alexander Orchestra; Barry Tuckwell Chamber Orchestra; Bishop Orchestra
Incl. Elliott Gyger - Deep & dissolving verticals of light

Wednesday 20 January 8.00pm - Australia Ensemble
Incl. Paul Stanhope - Light and motion studies
Producer: Ralph Lane; Engineer: Andrew Dixon

Monday 25 January 8.00pm Australian Festival of Chamber Music, Townsville
Timothy Constable, percussion; David Harding, viola; Louise Hopkins, cello; Piers Lane, piano; Lorna McGhee, flute; Julian Smiles, cello; Atle Sponberg, violin; Kathryn Stott, piano
Incl. David Hush - Two Songs for flute and piano; Peter Sculthorpe - Sonata for Viola and Percussion (arr. cello & percussion)
Producer: Haig Burnell; engineer Jim Ussher

Wednesday 27 January 8.00pm - Australian Festival of Chamber Music, Townsville
Dimity Hall, violin; Jack Liebeck, violin; Sebastian Lipman, harp; Federico Mondelci, saxophone; Irina Morozova, viola; Ian Munro, piano; Julian Smiles, cello; Kathryn Stott, piano; Southern Cross Soloists.
Incl. Paul Stanhope - Songs for the Shadowland
Producer: Haig Burnell; engineer Jim Ussher

Saturday Session

Saturday 2 January 3.00pm - Deborah de Graaff, clarinet; Leah Lock, flute; John Martin, piano.
Incl. John Carmichael - Thredbo Suite; Helen Stowasser - Volante; Flutesongs: 'Legend'; Kristofer Spike - Lament; Summer Waltz; trad. folk songs arr. John Martin - 'Waly, Waly'; 'Loch Lomond'; 'The Ash Grove'; 'Will Ye No Come Back Again'; 'The Keel Row'; Kerin Bailey - Blue Waltz
Producer: Owen Chambers; engineer: Yossi Gabbay

Saturday 16 January 3.00pm - Freshwater Trio: Zoe Black, violin; Eidit Golder, piano; Josephine Vains, cello.
Incl. Adam Yee - Hallelu et Hashem min hashamayim
Producer: Duncan Yardley; engineers: Garry Havrillay and Nic Mierisch

Saturday 23 January 3.00pm - Julian Gavin, tenor; May Gavin, piano.
Incl. Val Gavin - Song Offerings
Producer: Duncan Yardley; engineer: Chris Lawson

Saturday 30 January 3.00pm - Kees Boersma trio: Kees Boersma, double-bass; Kate Golla, piano; Kirsty Hilton, violin.
Incl. Alan Holley - Dome Music for solo double bass
Producer: Andre Shrimski; engineer: Yossi Gabbay

Best of Sunday Live

Repeat broadcasts of selected 2009 Sunday Lives from around the country

Sunday 17 January 3.00pm - BREW Guitar Duo
Incl. Bradley Kunda - Little dancer of the gutter (after Edgar Dégas); Nigel Westlake - Songs from the Forest; Bradley Kunda - Waterlilies (after Claude Monet); Richard Charlton - Two guitars dine out: a musical dégustation in six courses
Producer: Ralph Lane; engineer: Andrew Dixon

Sunday 31 January 3.00pm - Bernadette Balkus, piano; Claire Edwardes, percussion
Incl. Stuart Greenbaum - Clockwork Lemon
Producer: Ralph Lane; engineer: Andrew Dixon


Saturday 16 January 12.05pm - Sydney Chamber Choir, Slava Grigoryan, guitar; Belinda Montgomery, soprano; Paul Stanhope, conductor
Incl. Peter Sculthorpe - Autumn Song; Lullaby; Gerard Brophy - Berceuse
Producer: Ralph Lane; engineer: Yossi Gabbay

At Home

Australian music from disc with Julian Day, Saturdays at 7.05pm

2 January
Anne Boyd - Goldfish Through Summer Rain; Philip Bracanin - Guitar Concerto; Elena Kats-Chernin - Wild Rice; Anne Boyd - As I Crossed a Bridge of Dreams

9 January
Sean O'Boyle - Concerto for Didgeridoo; David Holyoake - Om mani padme hung; Tim Hansen - Earwig; Andrew Schultz - 12 Variations

16 January
Ross Edwards - Yanada; Nigel Westlake - Piano Concerto; Ann Carr-Boyd - Fandango; Raymond Hanson - Sonata Op. 5

23 January
Erik Griswold 3 Latin Rhythms; Richard Meale 3 Miro Pieces; Eric Gross Suite Latin American

30 January
David Stanhope - The Little Ripper March; Matthew Hindson - In Memoriam: Concerto for Amplified Cello and Orchestra; Elena Kats-Chernin - Charmer's Apprentice

Stephen Adams is a composer of concert music, music theatre and digital music. Since 2004, he has been working full-time at ABC Classic FM in the development of Australian music programming, recording and commissioning projects, and online Australian music presentation. Since 2006, he has been co-producer of CFM’s New Music Up Late program. Recent online projects include the AMU podcast, Orpheus Remix Awards, Lute Project and classic/amp.


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