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Program note: Andrian Pertout's "Tres Imagenes Norternas"

  • © Andrián Pertout
  • Source: Provided by the Melbourne Composers' League

Tres Imogenes Nortenas or Three Northem Images was especially composed for the From a Silence Well projcct. The work represents an attempt to explore some of the aesthetic principles of Japanese art music, incorporating a combination of gagaku (court orchestra music) and shomyo(Buddhist chant) concepts of "elastic or breath rhythm" and "stereotyped rhythmic patterns", the juxtaposition of polymodal and polytooal pilch materials based on the In, Hirajoshi and Kumoijoshi scales. The work is a contemporary interpretation of the tripartite jo-ha-kyo form common to not only the gagaku genre, with its three slow, medium and fast tempos essentially delineating the "introduction,
exposition and denouement".


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