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Art Music Awards: Award for Excellence in Experimental Music

  • Presented by: Australian Music Centre and APRA AMCOS
  • Awarded: Annually since 2011 . This prize is no longer awarded.
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From 2023 awarded under the category "Award for Excellence in Experimental Practice".


Recipients of this award

Year Placing Awarded to Awarded for
2011 Winner Cat Hope Decibel's 2009/2010 Annual Programs
2011 Finalist Fractured Again Project Damien Ricketson (composer/concept) Ensemble Offspring; Elaine Miles; Andrew Wholley; Paul Gough-Pimmon; Bob Scott, Matthew Marshall
2011 Finalist Madelaine Flynn & Tim Humphrey Constellation: an exhibition with performance interruptions Epi-thet; an interactive sound installation
2012 Finalist Super Critical Mass 2011 activities
2012 Winners Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey 2011 activities
2012 Finalist Daniel Blinkhorn 2011 composition activities
2012 Finalist Decibel New Music PICA performance series
2013 Finalist Decibel New Music 2012 program
2013 Finalist Super Critical Mass Activities in 2012
2013 Winner The Wired Lab and Country Arts SA Southern Encounter
2013 Finalist Daniel Blinkhorn For composition and the location field recording
2014 Winner Cat Hope Curator of Drawn From Sound exhibition, showcasing Australian contemporary graphic notation practice
2014 Finalist Ensemble Offspring — with Oren Ambarchi and Martin Ng Ligeti Morphed
2014 Finalist Eugene Ughetti — Eugene Ughetti, Robin Fox and Speak Percussion Transducer
2014 Finalist Madeleine Flynn — and Tim Humphrey & the City of Melbourne 5 Short blasts
2015 Winner Richard Johnson SoundOut Festival of Experimental and Improvised Music
2015 Finalist Jon Rose — Jon Rose, Ensemble Offspring, Speak Percussion for Ghan Tracks
2015 Finalist Darrin Verhagen for activity/projects
2015 Finalist Luke Johnson for Ornate Boredom Machine
2016 Finalist Clan Analogue for Intone: Voice Abstractions
2016 Winner Speak Percussion 2015 Music Program
2016 Finalist Decibel New Music for 'After Julia' program
2016 Finalist Leah Barclay for WIRA River Listening
2017 Finalist Clocked Out with Bruce and Jocelyn Wolfe for 'The Piano Mill' Project
2017 Finalist JOLT Arts for 'The Book of Daughters' mini-festival
2017 Finalist Matthias Schack-Arnott for his percussion duo, 'Anicca'
2017 Finalist Robert Curgenven for 'Climata', a performance, installation and recording project
2018 Finalist Eugene Ughetti 'Assembly Operation'
2018 Finalist Splinter Orchestra new work, performances, exhibitions and concerts
2018 Finalist Vanessa Tomlinson, Leah Barclay and John Ferguson '100 Ways to Listen'
2018 Winner Chamber Made 'Between 8 and 9 (Chengdu Teahouse Project)' with lead artists Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey
2019 Winner Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music for their ongoing contribution
2019 Finalist Leah Barclay for 'Listening Underwater', a large-scale experimental music and acoustic ecology project
2019 Finalist Thembi Soddell for 'Held Down, Expanding', an exploration of states of trauma and mental distress, and how these may be imagined sonically
2019 Finalist Speak Percussion for 'Polar Force', an investigation of wind, water and ice through sound
2020 Winner the music box project 'Shallow Listening'
2021 Finalist Decibel New Music '2 Minutes from Home'
2021 Finalist Keyna Wilkins recording and developing new projects in 2020
2021 Finalist HiberNATION Festival of the Lo-fi
2021 Winner Leah Barclay, Lyndon Davis & Tricia King Listening in the Wild
2022 Winner ADSR Zine 2021 activities including exhibition, showcase and online catalogue of publications
2022 Finalist Hand to Earth Composition, recording, release, and performance of new music
2022 Finalist Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio (MESS) Education, engagement, facilitation
2022 Finalist Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey Ongoing project 'Witness Stand'