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Australian Music in the 2010s

There are countless ways to start exploring our extensive website. This brief overview presents two different perspectives on some significant works and people in the Australian music scene in the 2010s.The first looks at Australian notated music during this period and the second discusses Australian experimental music.

Australian Composition in the 2010s

Significant Works

  Work Notes
Sextet : 'Old kings in exile' (2010) by Brett DeanWinner of 'Work of the year - instrumental', 2012 Art Music Awards, Judges' comments:'a highly polished and effective work, seamless and constantly engaging without losing its sense of tension and direction'.
Missa Solis - Requiem for Eli (2010) by Nigel WestlakeWinner of 'Work of the year - orchestral', 2012 Art Music Awards and the 2013 Paul Lowin Orchestral Prize. A celebration of the life of composer's son Eli Weslake, whose life was taken some weeks before his 22nd birthday. Judges' comments: 'a very professional, polished and well orchestrated piece with beautiful writing for solo voices'.
Digital sheet music sample String quintet (2012) by Gordon KerryWinner of 'Work of the year - instrumental', 2013 Art Music Awards. Judges' comments: 'an exceptionally well-crafted work, deeply informed by tradition and showing the composer's sympathetic understanding of string instruments'.
Digital sheet music sample Fire music (2011) by Brett DeanWinner of 'Work of the year - orchestral', 2013 Art Music Awards. Judging panel commented on the work's 'outstanding, complex orchestration, its emotional intensity and its palpable sense of theatricality'.
Digital sheet music sample Affectations (2011) by Andrea KellerWinner of 'Work of the year - jazz', 2012 Art Music Awards. Judges' comments: 'a wonderful example of the composer's complete understanding of, but not being restricted by, the jazz idiom. Affectations throws off the shackles and is unpredictable. It has a great sense of exploration which keeps the listener curious and looking for more.'
Songs of our journey (2012) by Stephen LeekWinner of 'Work of the year - vocal/choral', 2013 Art Music Awards. Judges commended the composer's ability to take the individual stories, brought to the project by the participants from Sydney Children's Choir, and turn these into a well-crafted and exceptional piece celebrating the voice.
Golden years (2013) by James LedgerWinner of 'Work of the year - orchestral', 2014 Art Music Awards. Judges praised the work's inventive structure, instrumental colours and the composer's impressive writing for orchestra as well as for solo violin.
Digital sheet music sample Last words (2013) by Andrew FordWinner of 'Work of the year - vocal/choral', 2014 Art Music Awards. The work utilises last poems and deathbed utterances by writers and historical figures to create a beautiful and moving piece.
Aerea (2013) by Mary FinstererWinner of 'Work of the year - instrumental', 2014 Art Music Awards. A large-scale piece, commissioned by the Monash Art Ensemble and acclaimed by the judges as being ambitious and highly engaging.
giving voice (2012) by Elliott GygerWinner of the 2013 Paul Lowin Song Cycle Prize. A song cycle to texts by Australian female poets, dealing with early childhood and parenthood.
 Anda Two by Mark HannafordWinner of 'Work of the Year - jazz', 2013 Art Music Awards. Judges comments: 'highly original and fundamentally different from most Australian jazz works today'.


Australian Experimental music in the 2010s

Significant Works

  Work Notes