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Roland Peelman

This is a stub entry only — it provides links to other resources by and about Roland Peelman held in our catalogue.

Random Audio Sample: Pirrki-pirrki : bloodwood by Rosalind Page, from the CD Kalkadunga yurdu

Articles by and about Roland Peelman

2009: a year of choral music by Anni Heino

Choral year 2009 has been an encouraging one. Numerous new works - of all shapes and sizes, from spiritual choral works involving choirs and orchestras, to simple a cappella miniatures - have seen the light of the day, and hopefully these are just the first performances of these compositions, with many more to come. Commissioning new work for a choir is an art in itself, but an unexpected result is not necessarily a bad result, as our short interviews with three Victorian conductors reveal.

Works commissioned by Roland Peelman

Ekstasis, op. 43 by Andrew Schultz

World premieres given by Roland Peelman

Ahhh Summer! The Municipal Pool : vocal ensemble by Mark Viggiani— 31 Oct 15 (Blackheath Uniting Church, NSW)

When the heart is cut or cracked or broken : 'July' from the Song Company's All-Leunig Musical Almanac by Drew Crawford— 31 Oct 15 (Blackheath Uniting Church, NSW)

Flying : 'June' from the 'All Leunig Almanac' by Katy Abbott— 31 Oct 15 (Blackheath Uniting Church, NSW)

Song : vocal sextet by Kate Moore— 31 Oct 15 (Blackheath Uniting Church, NSW)

Love is always born : from Voices and Instruments by Lyle Chan— 31 Oct 15 (Blackheath Uniting Church, NSW)

Let it all unravel : vocal ensemble by Robert Davidson— 31 Oct 15 (Blackheath Uniting Church, NSW)

Tomatoes : vocal ensemble by Kate Neal— 31 Oct 15 (Blackheath Uniting Church, NSW)

No sooner : vocal ensemble by James Wade— 31 Oct 15 (Blackheath Uniting Church, NSW)

God be with the Mother : vocal ensemble by Alice Chance— 31 Oct 15 (Blackheath Uniting Church, NSW)

Inner Man : vocal ensemble by Lachlan Skipworth— 31 Oct 15 (Blackheath Uniting Church, NSW)

A pitch dark night : baritone voice with chamber ensemble by Andrew Ford— 8 May 15 (High Court of Australia, ACT)

In praise of sandstone : for voices, piano (4 hands) and percussion (6 players) by Elliott Gyger— 22 Mar 12 (New Hall, Sydney Grammar School)

Hear the bird of day : from Australian Aphorisms by Andrew Ford— 26 Feb 12 (Hunter Baillie Memorial Presbyterian Church, Sydney)

The Voyage : choir by Graeme Koehne— 19 May 11 (Australian War Memorial, ACT)

Sacred kingfisher psalms : for mixed choir by Ross Edwards— 22 May 10 (The Fitter's Workshop, Canberra International Music Festival)

Comparing the eye to a telescope : soprano with ensemble by Barry Conyngham— 13 Nov 09 (Peter Karmel Building, ANU School of Music, ACT)

aida : for vocal ensemble by Lachlan Skipworth— 18 Jul 09 (The Salon, Melbourne Recital Centre)

Pirrki-pirrki : bloodwood by Rosalind Page— 18 Feb 09 (Casula Powerhouse, NSW)

In God's Esperanto : for seven vocalists by Damien Ricketson— 19 Sep 08 (National Library of Australia, Canberra)

To keep things reasonable (trios: mezzo-soprano, tenor, bass with chamber ensemble) by David Young— Sep 07 (Carriageworks, Sydney)

One word full of meaning (sextets: 2 sopranos, alto, tenor, baritone, bass - with percussion) by Brad Gill— Sep 07 (AMP Building, Sydney)

Wild flower, op. 71 : for six part choir by Andrew Schultz— 10 Mar 07 (performed as part of the Chronicles program, Campbelltown Arts Centre)

A line has two (soprano with chamber ensemble and electronics) by Damien Ricketson— 29 Jul 04 (The Studio, Sydney Opera House, Sydney.)

Streams within : for 14 musicians by Dominik Karski— 12 Nov 03 (Iwaki Auditorium, ABC Centre, Melbourne)

Ayo visto : after Johannes Cornago's 'Missa de la mapa mundi' by Natalie Williams— 25 Oct 03 (ModArt 2003 young composers project, Paddington, Sydney)

Shoal : six unaccompanied voices by Damien Ricketson— 14 Feb 03 (Loudmouth Festival, Newcastle, Australia.)

Afterimages : for bass koto and orchestra by Barry Conyngham— 5 May 95

Burrow : opera by Alison Croggon and Michael Smetanin— 21 Feb 94 (Octagon Theatre)

Suspended preludes, op. 49 : for double bass and piano by Andrew Schultz— Nov 93 (University of Wollongong)

Bound for South Australia : for SSATBarB a cappella by Elliott Gyger— 27 Jun 93 (Sydney Opera House)

Last station of the Cross : SATB choir by Brenton Broadstock— 9 Apr 93 (Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney)

4th station : Jesus meets His holy mother : Via crucis Australis (clarinet with vocal ensemble) by Ross Edwards— 9 Apr 93 (Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney)

The second coming (trios: tenor, baritone, bass with chamber ensemble) by Elliott Gyger— 9 Apr 93 (Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney)

On Sutherland's grave : for a cappella choir by Matthew Orlovich— 1992 (For 2MBS FM (Sydney) live broadcast from Studio C, during Oz Music Week 1992)

Upon the dark water : for vocal sextet or six-part choir SSATBB by Stuart Greenbaum— 18 Jul 91 (Concert Hall, Sydney Opera House)

A Distant Shore, op. 44 : for baritone and orchestra by Andrew Schultz— 1 May 91 (Concert Hall, Newcastle University Conservatorium, Newcastle NSW)