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Australia Council. Music Board

This is a stub entry only — it provides links to other resources by and about Australia Council. Music Board held in our catalogue.

Works commissioned by Australia Council. Music Board

Piano concerto by Peter Sculthorpe

Continuum by Stephen Holgate

The tower of remoteness by Ross Edwards

Fabian Theory by Nigel Westlake

Lost in space by Martin Wesley-Smith and Ann North

Defying gravity by Carl Vine

Landscape with figures by Roger Smalley

Korokon by Michael Whiticker

Program for ten by Sandy Evans

Sacred site by Moya Henderson

Deserts III by Trevor Pearce

From the dreambooks : November eighteenth by Warren Burt

Uttering joyous leaves by Nigel Butterley

Madness in paradise by Theodore Dollarhide

Two diagonals and a squiggle by Benjamin Thorn

An Australian entertainment by Don Banks

Silhouettes by David Worrall

Polish variations by Wilfred Lehmann

Deserts II by Trevor Pearce

Phlogiston by Paul Sarcich

Kundalini : the serpent fire by Larry Sitsky

Trio No. 3 : Agharti by Larry Sitsky

Preludes for piano, Book II by Mark Isaacs

Wake up my soul by Robert Smallwood

Rivers by Tristram Cary

String quartet No. 9 by Peter Sculthorpe

Mountains by Peter Sculthorpe

Quintet No. 3 by David Stanhope

Fantasia No. 2, in memory of Winifred Burston by Larry Sitsky

Five improvisations by Larry Sitsky

Century by Larry Sitsky

Suite from Hate by Carl Vine

Cafe concertino by Carl Vine

Canzona by Carl Vine

Love song by Carl Vine

String quartet No. 2 by Carl Vine

Occasional poetry by Carl Vine

Percussion concerto by Carl Vine

A Christmas carol by Carl Vine

Sinfonia by Carl Vine

An die musik by Andrew Ford

Concerto for flute and strings by Anne Boyd

Babel canons by Andrew Schultz

Etudes espace, op. 30 by Andrew Schultz

Fast talking, op. 38 by Andrew Schultz

L'oiseau fantastique II, op.19 by Andrew Schultz

Sea-change, op. 32 by Andrew Schultz

Septet, op. 16 by Andrew Schultz

Spherics, op. 21 by Andrew Schultz

Night visions : Sonata for piano, op. 13 by Andrew Schultz

Concerto for marimba/vibraphone by Eric Bryce

Thieves by Stephen Bull

Bali moods No. 1 by Anne Boyd

Bali moods No. 2 by Anne Boyd

Kakan by Anne Boyd

The death of Captain Cook by Anne Boyd

My name is Tian by Anne Boyd

Midnight tulips by Colin Bright

The Dreamtime by Colin Bright

Expedition by Brenton Broadstock

Beast from air by Brenton Broadstock

Aurora Australis by Brenton Broadstock

Aureole 3 by Brenton Broadstock

And no birds sing by Brenton Broadstock

Eureka! by Brenton Broadstock

Little diversification by Andrew Schultz

Cloud burning, op. 25 by Andrew Schultz

Chiarissima by Gerard Brophy

Orfeo by Gerard Brophy

Scintille by Gerard Brophy

Head by Gerard Brophy

The dreaming by Moya Henderson

The Owl by Nigel Butterley and James MacDonald

In passing by Nigel Butterley

Mirages by Barry Conyngham

From Voss by Barry Conyngham

Fly by Barry Conyngham and Murray Copland

Five windows by Barry Conyngham

Basho by Barry Conyngham

Sky by Barry Conyngham

Flower songs by Ross Edwards

Marimba dances by Ross Edwards

Incantations by Ross Edwards

Reflections by Ross Edwards

Five cabaret songs by Andrew Ford

A terrible whiteness by Andrew Ford

Foolish fires by Andrew Ford

A kumquat for John Keats by Andrew Ford

On Canaan's happier shore by Andrew Ford

Sacred places by Andrew Ford

A whole lot of shaking by Andrew Ford

The world knot by Andrew Ford and Graham Devlin

String quartet No 1 by Andrew Ford

Kudikynah cave by Moya Henderson

Verklärung by Moya Henderson

Tulku by Michael Whiticker

I'm a caterpillar of society (not a social butterfly) by Martin Wesley-Smith

Boojum! by Martin Wesley-Smith and Peter Wesley-Smith

Songs for snark-hunters by Martin Wesley-Smith and Peter Wesley-Smith

Who killed Cock Robin? by Martin Wesley-Smith and Peter Wesley-Smith

Snark-hunting by Martin Wesley-Smith

Kolo by Bozidar Kos

Filigrees II by Gerald Glynn

Board music, op. 188 by Felix Werder

Gallipoli sunrise by Vincent Plush

Suite for Véronique by Ann Carr-Boyd

Home thoughts from abroad by Ann Carr-Boyd

Mandolin music by Ann Carr-Boyd

Festival by Ann Carr-Boyd

Clocks by James Penberthy

Love's coming by Gerald Glynn

Ocean cathedral by Katy Abbott

Love, war, meditation, op.164 by James Penberthy

body mAp by Gerard Brophy

Songs and interludes from 'The golden crane' by Don Kay and Gwen Harwood

Visions from the Old Testament by George Dreyfus

Filigrees I by Gerald Glynn

Piano sonata by Bozidar Kos

Regarding Faustus by Helen Gifford

Time and time again by Helen Gifford

Fly away Peter by Brian Howard

Metamorphosis by Brian Howard and Steven Berkoff

Suspended preludes, op. 49 by Andrew Schultz

Empty sky, Mootwingee by David Lumsdaine

Trois poèmes à crier et à danser by Keith Humble

Orgelwerk by Richard David Hames

A se stesso by Robert Douglas

Karvai by Richard David Hames

Entr'actes by Richard David Hames

Earth dream by Stephen Holgate

Piece : for flute and strings by Mark Isaacs

Exiles by Douglas Knehans

Image - shift by Douglas Knehans

Orichalcum fanfare by Douglas Knehans

Violin concerto by Bozidar Kos

Match of the day by Ralph Middenway

Mosaics by Ralph Middenway

Mosaics by Ralph Middenway

Sinfonia concertante by Ralph Middenway

Summer night by Ralph Middenway

The grass trees by André Oosterbaan

Suspended by André Oosterbaan

When David heard by Jennifer Fowler

From quiet places by Kent Farbach

Quartet by Bozidar Kos

Catena by Bozidar Kos

Three movements by Bozidar Kos

String quartet by Bozidar Kos

Disco by Michael Barkl

The Laird of Drumblair by Michael Barkl

Goodnight Bix by Michael Barkl

Gallery fanfare by Michael Barkl

Blues by Michael Barkl

Blues by Michael Barkl

Motet without words by Michael Barkl

Ballade by Michael Barkl

Backyard swing by Michael Barkl

Rondo by Michael Barkl

Was he a neighbour? by Michael Barkl

An Orange melody by Michael Barkl

Two psalms of David by Michael Barkl

Don't we know? by Michael Barkl

Orange blitz by Michael Barkl

Mu ou show by Michael Barkl

Chamber concerto by Gerald Glynn

Durchfuhrung by Riccardo Formosa

Vertigo by Riccardo Formosa

Reliquary 1 by Richard David Hames

Memorabilia by Richard David Hames

Ether by Mary Finsterer

300 kilometres above by Stuart Greenbaum

Sonata by Stephen Benfall

Divertimento by Edward Primrose

Romance by Ralph Middenway

The Rainbow serpent by Brian Howard

The Seven ages of man by Ralph Middenway

Songs of poverty by Ralph Middenway

Sequenzas concertantes by Richard Mills

Spider by Fiona Hill

Kindled skies by Gordon Kerry

Constans by Mary Finsterer

Tricroci by Neil Currie

12 variations for piano duet, op. 57 by Andrew Schultz

Moral tale by Carl Vine

Sinfonietta by Bozidar Kos

Bright meniscus by Gordon Kerry

De Profundis by Larry Sitsky and Gwen Harwood

Nine fantasies about Brahms by Andrew Ford

Elegy by Carl Vine

Under Aldebaran by Graham Hair

Laikan by Ross Edwards

Gone with the waltz by Elena Kats-Chernin

Ik(s)land[s] by Chris Dench

The unquiet grave by Andrew Ford

Quête by Richard David Hames

Southern ocean by Andrew Schultz

Piano sonata by Gordon Kerry

Breathtaking by Gordon Kerry

Evocations II by Bozidar Kos

Seraphim by Gordon Kerry

Fioritura by Gordon Kerry

Rasa by Gordon Kerry

Sennet by Gordon Kerry

Tonic continent, op. 61 by Andrew Schultz

Mother piece by Ian Fredericks

Arch (Fantasia no. 4) by Larry Sitsky

Prospects by Don Banks

Data est lux by Andrew Schultz

Lindy by Moya Henderson, Judith Rodriguez and Moya Henderson

Matters arising by Paul Sarcich

Ab estatis foribus by Ross Edwards

Four places by Robert Davidson

Bright fires by Quentin Grant

Winter ground, op. 58 by Andrew Schultz

Iphis by Elena Kats-Chernin and Richard Toop

The Past by Andrew Ford

Talk show by Elena Kats-Chernin

Little piece of gossip by Elena Kats-Chernin

Sheer nylon dances by Gerard Brophy

Overheard at Inveresk by David Young

Pink edges by Gerard Brophy

Antiphon by Gordon Kerry

Silver-point by Gordon Kerry

Aria by Gordon Kerry

All those ways of leaving by Stuart Greenbaum

Danses veloutées by Gerard Brophy

Prelude by Gordon Kerry

Pas de deux by Gerard Brophy

L'arte di volare by Raffæle Marcellino

Character interludes by Elena Kats-Chernin

Kurz by Mary Finsterer

Concerto in blue by Gerard Brophy

The waltz book by Andrew Ford

Mr Barbeque by Elena Kats-Chernin and Janis Balodis

Old MacDonald's yellow submarine by Erik Griswold

Beginnings to no end by Dominik Karski

Three Shakespeare songs by Andrew Ford

Jumeirah Jane by Katy Abbott

Brisbane drumming by Gerard Brophy

Yanihndi by Paul Stanhope

Fatamorgana by Bozidar Kos

Schadenfreude by Kent Farbach

Island mists by Ruth Lee Martin

Doublets III by Martin Wesley-Smith

Colouring in the sky by Mark Pollard

Ezekiel by Matthew Orlovich

Lucem-ferre by Jessica Wells

Snowflake by Barry Conyngham

Moonflowers by Gerard Brophy

Microsymphony by Carl Vine

Spin by Stephen Adams

Songs and marches by Martin Wesley-Smith

Scenes from Bruegel by Andrew Ford

Lines drawn from silence, op. 55a by Andrew Schultz

Weapons of mass distortion by Martin Wesley-Smith

Nicolai's objection by Damien Ricketson

Mirage by Katy Abbott

It is just the heart by Katy Abbott

Fast ride in a suave machine by Katy Abbott

Fast ride in a suave machine by Katy Abbott

Chimney-sweepers by Andrew Ford

With a view to infinity, op. 14 by Andrew Schultz

Mondrian interiors by Stuart Greenbaum

Sacred leaves by Gerard Brophy

Mourning and the light within by John Peterson

Aspects of dreaming by Katy Abbott

Pink breasted robin by Elena Kats-Chernin

The year without a summer by Stuart Greenbaum

The children's Bach, op. 74 by Andrew Schultz and Glenn Perry

Black dogs by Iain Grandage

Three preludes and a fugue on Bach by Benjamin Thorn

Chamber concerto by Shaun Rigney

With myriad degrees of light-dark infusion by Ron Nagorcka

Inscriptions by James Ledger

Spring music by Andrew Batterham

Bell weather by James Ledger

String quartet no. 3 by Mark Isaacs

Chamber suite from The children's Bach by Andrew Schultz

Sonatine by Mark Isaacs

Chinkon by Mark Isaacs

Quintet for clarinet and strings, op. 83 by Andrew Schultz

The heavenly muzak machine by Mark Pollard

Big Meeting by David Lumsdaine

a leaf falls by Erik Griswold

Length and breath by Damien Ricketson

Moreton Bay by Joseph Twist

Chamber concerto No.2 by Stuart Greenbaum

Invocations by Mark Isaacs

Kolele Mai 1 by Martin Wesley-Smith

Kolele Mai 2 by Martin Wesley-Smith

How shall we sing in a strange land... by Joseph Twist

Voyages 1-8 by Brian Howard

And the nothing that is by Gordon Kerry

Cherubic hymn by Paul Stanhope

Ubi Caritas by Paul Stanhope

Gentleness-suddenness by Bruce Crossman

Three songs after Julia by Hilary Bell and Andrée Greenwell

String quartet No 3 by Andrew Ford

Le Vie del Vento Divino by Katia Tiutiunnik

Le Vie del Vento Divino by Katia Tiutiunnik

Last words by Andrew Ford

Composition with yellow lines by Stuart Greenbaum

Church at Domburg by Stuart Greenbaum

Scenes from the Caucasus by Gerard Brophy

Gravity Road by Carl Vine

Silva by Mary Finsterer

Sonata for piano, 4 hands by Stuart Greenbaum

Cross sections by Katy Abbott

Nephesh by Paul Stanhope

St. Luke Magnificat by Douglas Knehans

Divertimento Redux by Edward Primrose

(e)motion of forms by Dominik Karski

Two-part sleep by Elena Kats-Chernin

Five Bagatelles by Mark Isaacs

The Inward Light by Don Kay