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Australia Council

This is a stub entry only — it provides links to other resources by and about Australia Council held in our catalogue.

Works commissioned by Australia Council

Tartengk by Michael Whiticker

Figures in a landscape by Roger Smalley

SonoPetal by Roger Dean

Clarion by Andrew Ford

Driftglass by Chris Dench

Going into shadows, op. 63 by Julianne Schultz and Andrew Schultz

Wu-Yu by Julian Yu

Mandala rite by Haydn Reeder

The map maker's psalm by Joseph Twist

Paleyaga by Cathie Travers

Ash Wednesday by Barry McKimm

Corruption by Sasha Stella

Piano concerto No. 1 by Colin Brumby

The Music of Erich Zann by Larry Sitsky

Economy of wax by Nicholas Vines

Draw near to the bell by Haydn Reeder

Temi distrati by Haydn Reeder

Awakening by Barry Conyngham

Debekuth by Mark Isaacs

63 whispers in memoriam Morton Feldman by Warren Burt

Festival cantata by Gordon Kerry

To the evening star, op. 80 by Andrew Schultz

Falling by Mary Finsterer

Variations on Waltzing Matilda : a divertimento/encore by Larry Sitsky

Symphonic elegy by Larry Sitsky

Drought by Stephen Leek

Dissolved, suspended, animated by Stephen Leek

Stille sprache, op. 81 by Andrew Schultz

Old lie by Stephen Leek

Love to love your strings, baby by Erik Griswold

Batavia by Stephen Leek

The source within by Dominik Karski

Atsiluth by Chris Dench

Arc of stars by David Lumsdaine

Collide by Andrew Schultz

Stroke by Michael Smetanin

The little mermaid by Anne Boyd and Robin Lee

Piano sonata no. 3 by Carl Vine

Navigator by Patricia Sykes and Liza Lim

Etude by Gordon Kerry

Lawrence Hargrave flying alone by Nigel Butterley and James McDonald

Mysterium cosmographicum by Michael Smetanin

Purgatorio, Paradiso by Michael Whiticker

Waterways by Barry Conyngham

Cello concerto by Barry Conyngham

Gum tree country by Matthew Orlovich

Viridian by Richard Meale

Evocations by Richard Meale

Concerto for viola and orchestra by Charles Bodman Rae

Pellucid days by Moya Henderson

Wilderness pieces by Moya Henderson

Salvation Creek with eagle by David Lumsdaine

Shoalhaven by David Lumsdaine

Plangge by Michael Whiticker

Quidong by Michael Whiticker

Taldree by Michael Whiticker

Three episodes by Michael Whiticker

Winamin by Michael Whiticker

Inner-city counterpoints by Nigel Sabin

Paul Klee suite by Felix Werder

Concerto by Mary Mageau

Discorsi musicale by Mary Mageau

Ancient Immortal Spirit by Constantine Koukias

Quintet for flute, two violins, viola and cello by Don Kay

There is an island by Don Kay and Clive Sansom

Promenade 60 by Elena Kats-Chernin

Iphigenia in exile by Helen Gifford and Richard Meredith

Balibo by Martin Wesley-Smith

Summer music by Nigel Sabin

An early autumn's dreaming by Mary Mageau

Veni creator spiritus by Ross Edwards

Horizons by Stephen Leek

Tapestry by Robert Davidson

Home by Matthew Hindson

7 new psalms by Donald Hollier

Tall tales by Paul Grabowsky

Voice of the Rain by Ross Edwards

Quasar by Bozidar Kos

Sonata by Ralph Middenway

Sonata by Ralph Middenway

The mahogany ship by Michael Atherton

Cityscape by Anne Cawrse

Perception de la ligne droite by Lawrence Whiffin

The Piano tuner by Lawrence Whiffin

Sphinx by Larry Sitsky

Ring out the changes by Jennifer Fowler

Invocation to the veiled mysteries by Jennifer Fowler

Wild is the wind by Michael Whiticker

Syntheses by Gerald Glynn

Let's go fishen' by Ros Bandt

Penumbra by Haydn Reeder

Kali dances by David Lumsdaine

War and peace by Colin Bright

From the suitcase of Marina Vlady by Paul Sarcich

Melody and elaboration by Richard Vella

Seven songs of John Donne by Ralph Middenway

Vex by Peter Myers

Rain drums by David Lumsdaine

Three mirrors by Haydn Reeder

Ode to the plum-blossom by Julian Yu

Tube makers, in 3 bits by Michael Smetanin

Australians by Robert Davidson

Upon the dark water by Stuart Greenbaum

Chorale, demon, beacon, op. 51 by Andrew Schultz

Oneness-sky, fulness-sun, Op. 34 by Julian Yu

I am not yet born by Elliott Gyger

Ceremonial fanfare by Stuart Greenbaum

Trombone concerto by Richard Vella

[A]part by Ellen Kirkwood

G'day Africa II by Moya Henderson

Flightlines: Six landscapes by Jim Franklin

Three pieces by Christine McCombe

Variations on a theme by Paganini, Op. 37 by Julian Yu

Matricide by Elena Kats-Chernin and Kathleen Mary Fallon

Triptych by Christine McCombe

Enyato IV by Ross Edwards

Great southern spirits by Stephen Leek

Kraftwerk overture by Paul Stanhope

New tricks for old dogs by James Ledger

All in good time by Mark Pollard

Revelations of Divine Love by Anne Boyd

Dance maze by Andrew Ford

Symphony by Nigel Sabin

Speed by Matthew Hindson

Shadowings by Stephen Leek

Binyang by Ross Edwards

Sextet for strings by John Polglase

Rave-elation by Matthew Hindson

Chromium yellow by Michael Smetanin

Sequentia by Elliott Gyger

Concerto for woodwind quintet and orchestra by Larry Sitsky

Crossing by Tony Gould

Coonowrin by Robert Davidson

One sweet moment by Mark Pollard

In the heat of the moment by Mark Pollard

Windfall by Elliott Gyger

Capricorn skies by Richard Charlton

Wide Sargasso Sea by Brian Howard

Expletive included! by Roger Frampton

Umcha piece by Elena Kats-Chernin

Blackwattle caprices by Ross Edwards

Tries and tribulations by Michael Whiticker

Discoveries by Stuart Greenbaum and Ross Baglin

Seven improvisations for cello and percussion by Gordon Kerry

Negra I by Tim Dargaville

Such sweet thunder by Gordon Kerry

Distance to the sun by Mark Pollard

Pip! by Martin Wesley-Smith

Between home and heaven by Mark Pollard

Night pieces by Matthew Hindson

Fantasia no. 12 by Larry Sitsky

White ghost dancing by Ross Edwards

Serious and sincere sentiments about something by Matthew Shlomowitz

Im winde by Gordon Kerry

Within a 'Prayer at Lamplighting' by Constantine Koukias

Songs for Imberombera by Michael Atherton

Choral scenes by Helen Gifford

Night prelude by Paul Stanhope

Captain Logan's fancy by Colin Brumby

Willow and wattle by Julian Yu

The heart of Jesus by Tony Backhouse

Particle zoo II by Kate Neal

Fix by Barry Conyngham and Janis Balodis

Portrait of Elsie May by Mark Pollard

The Running Tide by Sandy Evans

Tibrogargan by Robert Davidson

Thousands of bundled straw III by David Young

Double dreams by Roger Frampton

Techno logic by Matthew Hindson

Yandarra by Matthew Hindson

Harmonie by Gordon Kerry

Ascension and descend by Mary Finsterer

Throb by Paul Stanhope

Tyalgum by Robert Davidson

You gao by Erik Griswold

Heaven is closed by Elena Kats-Chernin

Amphitheatre by Brett Dean

My country childhood by Peter Sculthorpe

Through glass by Tristram Cary

Games of balance by Haydn Reeder

RiverBed by Dominik Karski

Emerald crossing by Ross Edwards

Fox by Elena Kats-Chernin and Margaret Wild

Scenes from a life by Tristram Cary

Mass of Christ the king by Gordon Kerry

Federation flourish by Brenton Broadstock

LiteSPEED by Matthew Hindson

On the summer map of stars by Gordon Kerry

A through-grown earth by Lisa Illean

Momentum by Philip Czaplowski

Spell of creation by Nigel Butterley

No abiding city by Gordon Kerry

Heartland by Matthew Hindson

Ku-ring-gai Chase by Moya Henderson

Fanfare for a city by Maria Grenfell

Displaced dances by Elena Kats-Chernin

Towards time by David Chesworth

Eirenicon by Brendan Colbert

In this day and age by James Ledger

Pulse magnet by Matthew Hindson

The great raspberry jam session by Paul Sarcich

Piano concerto no. 2 by Elena Kats-Chernin

Three Miró pieces by Richard Meale

Liquid steel by John Peterson

Patina by Elena Kats-Chernin

Mass of the Dreaming by Ross Edwards

Glasshouses by Stephen Leek

Rhapsody by Richard Charlton

Journey to Horseshoe Bend, op. 64 by Andrew Schultz and Gordon Kalton Williams

Shadow play by Elliott Gyger

Force by Andrew Byrne

I've got wind by Maria Grenfell

Concerto for clarinet and orchestra by Gordon Kerry

Karen's internal world by Stephen Adams

Symphony No. 7 : scenes from daily life by Carl Vine

Streams within by Dominik Karski

Roar! by Maria Grenfell

Ceremonial by Brett Dean

Ostana by Julian Yu

This insubstantial pageant by Gordon Kerry

Bonemap by Michael Whiticker

Listening to skin by Michael Whiticker

Beethoven variations by Peter Sculthorpe

Beethoven variations by Peter Sculthorpe

Mantras by Gerard Brophy

Harmony in concord by Carl Vine

Viol bodies by Gordon Kerry

Maracatú by Gerard Brophy

Piano concerto by Ross Edwards

Canticle by Mark Isaacs

Love, death, music and plants by Matthew Hindson and Brian Lipson

Songo by Gerard Brophy

Tyalgum mantras by Ross Edwards

Tyalgum mantras by Ross Edwards

Figured in the drift of stars by Gordon Kerry

G'day USA 1 by Moya Henderson

Waking up the flies by Moya Henderson

Faeries romp by Ruth Lee Martin

Salmon of wisdom's song by Ruth Lee Martin

Reel of Sliabh by Ruth Lee Martin

The first star of evening by Ruth Lee Martin

Chinatown by Julian Yu

Welcome to the Hotel Turismo by Martin Wesley-Smith

Cello concerto by Carl Vine

Mythic by Elena Kats-Chernin

Alegria by Maria Grenfell

Re-inventions by Elena Kats-Chernin

Southern star by Christopher Willcock

Southern star by Christopher Willcock

Immer fliessender by Liza Lim

Three studies in black and white by Roger Smalley

Sad jigs by Andrew Ford

Night and now by Elena Kats-Chernin

Passacaglia after Biber by Julian Yu

Mountain chant by Ross Edwards

153 infinities by Ian Shanahan

Shades of futures past by Brendan Colbert

Night songs by Mark Isaacs

Tumbling strain by Neil Currie

St Marks inflection by Jane Stanley

Ammerseelieder by Lee Bracegirdle

Ammerseelieder by Lee Bracegirdle

For those in peril on the sea by Gordon Kerry

Rhythmania-groove-train by Katy Abbott

Blue gold by Ros Bandt

The last signal by Stuart Greenbaum

Indigo invention, op. 83a by Andrew Schultz

Calling the turtles in by Frank Millward

Mean ol' world by James Ledger

Line drawing by James Ledger

The Compass by Liza Lim and William Barton

In praise of darkness by Mary Finsterer

With bells and bright steel by John Polglase

Tivoli dances by Graeme Koehne

Piano trio by Matthew Hindson

A Closed world of fine feelings and grand design by Graeme Koehne

Headlong by Andrew Ford

From the hungry waiting country by Elliott Gyger

Peeling by James Ledger

Song and dance by Matthew Hindson

An Infernal machine by Matthew Hindson

Book of departures by Stuart Greenbaum

In the dying of the rain by Quentin Grant

Inferno by Margery Smith

Triptych by Jane Stanley

Warriors through time by Brenton Broadstock

The face of nature by Elliott Gyger

The 47th theorem, part i by Mark Pollard

Ictalurus punctatus by Matthew Hindson

Arafura dances by Ross Edwards

The Beginning & the end of the snow by David Chisholm

Thin air by Andrew Ford

Morceau de concours by Roger Smalley

OverFlow by Dominik Karski

Crossing the borderland by Tim Dargaville

The path to the high ground by Tim Dargaville

Requiem by Peter Sculthorpe

Circus sweet by Carla Thackrah

Bad Neighbours by Catherine Likhuta

balanfô by Daniel Blinkhorn

The City, the River, the Elm, the Stone by Haydn Reeder

Airsongs by Martin Friedel

The gathering of the animals by Ian Blake

Earth loops by Ian Blake

Didjeribluegrass by Matthew Hindson

Insect songs by Matthew Hindson

Semaphore by Kate Neal and Karen Berger

Thousands of bundled straw I by David Young

Thousands of bundled straw IV by David Young

Thousands of bundled straw V by David Young

Thousands of bundled straw VI by David Young

Velvet by Kate Moore

Dialogues by Mary Mageau

Bury the sound by Erik Griswold

Silver swans by James Ledger

Fern by Kate Moore

Plastic jubilation by Matthew Hindson

Crossing live by Bryony Marks

Mosstrooper Peak by Nigel Westlake

Smoke Weather Stone Weather by Lyle Chan

Ecliptica by Amanda Cole

Zerkalo (Mirror) by Rosà Lind Page

Force fields by Alex Pozniak

Merge/Emerge by Paul Cutlan

Action music by Erik Griswold

28 by Andrew Batt-Rawden

Igor's drum by James Ledger

Wake by Michael Askill

DPM by Sandy Evans

Toyokawa (East River) by Ralph Middenway

Variations on an Australian Theme by John Spence

Sliabh beagh by Kate Moore

Delusions of War by Yitzhak Yedid

Gossamer wings by Erik Griswold

Talismans by Clare Maclean

Dive process by Chris Perren

Song of Longing : from 'Tale of The Firebird' by Chloe Charody

Tropic : for orchestra by Peter Sculthorpe

Afterwards by Stephen Adams

From joyous leaves by Elliott Gyger

Tree of Codes : cut-outs in time by Liza Lim

The Drowners by Andrew Ford

In search of Captain Cat of Llareggub by Colin Black

Ooldea by Iain Grandage

Iron in the blood by Jeremy Rose

Shadow by Cat Hope

The Day after Drowning by Damien Ricketson

Woefully Arrayed, op.13 by Jonathan David Little

Wasted and Worn, op.6 by Jonathan David Little

Bestiary by Kate Moore

Concerto for piano and toy band by Adam Simmons

Soliloquy for Change by Johannes Luebbers

Transpiration by Fiona Hill

Gloria, op.18 by Jonathan David Little

Concerto for Piano and Strings by Yitzhak Yedid

Entropia by Andrián Pertout

Flash madness by Matthew Hindson

Sonata by Aristea Mellos

Threading through fumes by Annie Hsieh

Angel's revolt by Yitzhak Yedid

I Threw a Shoe at a Cat by Catherine Likhuta

Tone Being by Cat Hope

Piano Sonata No. 1 by Melody Eötvös

Musician and Machine by Rob Burke

MAQA VIOLIN by Yitzhak Yedid

Oxygen by Stuart Greenbaum

Sonata for Double Bass and Piano by Stuart Greenbaum

Hidden Thoughts I : Do I Matter? by Katy Abbott

Oil Drum by Kate Moore

Kōan II by James Cuddeford

As the Dust Rises by Tristan Coelho

Aether by Andrew Howes

We Have Become Kin by Cat Hope

Seated Backwards by Damien Ricketson

And the Air Was Dancing by Maria Grenfell

Dark Well I : Cylinder Harmony, op. 107/1 by Andrew Schultz

Dark Well II : Round Water, op. 107/2 by Andrew Schultz

Three Pictures for Linda by Constantine Koukias

A Shadow Amongst Shadows by Constantine Koukias

Symphony No. 2 by Mark Isaacs

Speechless by Cat Hope

Whistling in the Dark by Jon Rose and Hollis Taylor

Disruption! The Voice of Drums by Jeremy Rose, Simon Barker and Chloe Kim

Hidden Thoughts II: Return To Sender by Katy Abbott

Neon Highway by Luke Styles

Afterword by Anne Cawrse

Slipstreams by Bree van Reyk

Andante Amoroso by Matthew Hindson

Amen by Joseph Franklin

Moolga Widyooroo Windoo Windoo by Yitzhak Yedid

Gadari (Rain) Song by Yitzhak Yedid

Stings and Wings by Maria Grenfell

Rites by Joseph Franklin and Ollie McGill

The Clockmaker by Jessica Wells

Hadrian by Eve Klein

The Golden Nest : from 'Tale of The Firebird' by Chloe Charody

The Raven : from 'Tale of The Firebird' by Chloe Charody

Herring Island Piano Sonata by Linda Kouvaras

Herring Island Piano Sonata by Linda Kouvaras

The Ground by Leah Curtis and Chris Williams

Wild by Iain Grandage

Still and Moving Paper by Vanessa Tomlinson

Static by Vanessa Tomlinson

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